Gift ideas for mom: handmade ring with a stone

This stylish and original ring can be made of simple stone, which you will find on the street. Also to realize this gift idea for mom we need wire and paint. In the example we will show how to easily and quickly make a ring with a “piece of gold”.

What we need:

  • Stone of any shape
  • Golden wire length of 15-20 cm (6-8 in)
  • Preparation for the dimensionless ring
  • Superglue for jewelry
  • A can of gold paint

Let’s get to work:

1) first you need to paint the stone. To do this, put the stone on a sheet of paper and spray the paint on it. Once dry turn over a stone and treat it from the other side.

2) use the superglue to glue the ring to the stone. The ring should be made of solid wire or metal and is better if it will be quite heavy. It is also important, so you can adjust the ring size.

3) Use wire to wrap several times a stone with a ring. This will help more densely to attach the stone to the ring. Also it will be part of the original design.

4) The remaining wire wrap around the ring.

5) as a result you will get a very stylish decoration. You can use any paint of your choice.