A fun card for Valentine’s Day with a surprise

Simple gift with a surprise is wonderful cheerful greeting for your friends and loved ones. You will easily cope with this paper crafts.

So, we need:

  • Small box slightly larger than a matchbox;
  • Scraps of paper for lining the bottom and the creation of small booklets and maps;
  • Scissors and glue stick;
  • Candy or any other gadgets that you want to place inside the box;
  • Twine or other decor for packing boxes outside.

To line the inside of the box, you have to put the box down on the paper and measure out a piece of paper with a margin. You may have to do some trimming, but once you get the right size, it is necessary to insert and glue it to the bottom of the box.

To create the main part of which will pop out of the box, take a strip of cardboard and fold it back and forth in the form of an accordion. Glue a piece of cardboard to heart and try to determine the optimal length of bellows made of cardboard. You need to first heart jumped out, and then fell back to bottom.

Next, create a bit of pictures and brochures using a folded piece of paper.

Make sure the card fits into a tiny space left in the box, while not hindering the bouncing heart.

If you still have enough space, you can add trinkets or candy.

Now carefully collect all this, dressed with the heart, and then wrap box ribbon or twine.