Cute Valentines Day ideas. Tree of paper hearts


Valentine’s Day is a holiday, which is celebrated all over the world. One of the ways to say about your feelings is making a pleasant Valentine’s Day gift. You can make a whole tree of hearts. It can be done easily and quickly.

We need:

  • red or white construction paper for a cone;
  • pink, red and lavender sheets of paper (cardboard),;
  • shaped punch in the form of heart or an ordinary pencil and scissors;
  • glue gun or simple glue
  • decoration for the tree.


Squeeze a lot of hearts of colored cardboard. Make a cone of red or white paper and fasten it.

Then simply attach the heart to the cone from the bottom up.

Experiment with different combinations of colors and the distance between hearts. You can override the heart quite a bit or leave space that you can see the cone.

Decorate the tree with any unnecessary things you have at home. What will it be — pompons of yarn, cotton balls, strung on a thread, decorative ribbon or key from your heart — you decide.

You can make your trees monochromatic or make bright and colorful.


You can write words of love on some hearts to make Valentine’s Day gift more special.