Handmade holder for a photo «Me to you». Pretty good idea for Valentines Day

According to legend, the origin of Valentine’s Day dates back to the ancient Roman Empire. One kind man helped the Roman soldiers and women to meet each other. For this he was punished but later became a saint. Today, children and adults adore cheerful holiday called Valentine’s Day. Beautiful photo holder is a simple and at the same time a very wonderful gift.

Materials and tools we need:

• bake polymer clay

• The working surface of the glass or ceramic tiles with a smooth, level surface

• The knife or scalpel

• A pin or needle

• Metal holder for a photoКак сделать держатель для фото

For work, we need to bake polymer clay dark gray, gray, light gray, red, black and light blue colors.

I took the finished metal holder for photos, but like pretty easy to make the most of suitable wire


We do the basic details of our bear of gray plastic. By the way, even a fairly large bear (mine turned out 2 inches in height) will be easy, so heavy photo or postcard there will not put. Heavier to bear, in the trunk, you can put a small stone or a nut.

Invent pose bear. Sustainable likely he will sit. The fastening body, head and lower legs.

Small ball will be the tail. Cut in half a small ball, getting ears.

Fasten it to the head, do not forget to add a lighter inner portions.

Our Bear will keep in the hands of the heart. Attach a piece of polymer clay red triangular shape with rounded corners.

Cut from one side with the blade and make the final form.

Put the heart to the lower paws of a bear.

Light gray plastic muzzle add a half ball, press it to heart.

Fix the holder for photos with the upper paws of bear.

A distinctive feature of bears «Me to you» are patches and seams. Of dark gray plastic do patches on heels and head.

Outline the seams on the head, legs and back.

With the help of pins or needles create the texture of wool. Small stripes make the hairs.

Finish texture to bear, thin stripes of dark gray plastic seams spread by gently pressing it to the surface.

Add the eyes and nose. Bake according to the instructions to the polymer clay.

Enjoy the homemade sweet teddy bear!