Valentine’s Day greeting cards in scrapbooking techique

Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to please your loved ones cute postcards, souvenirs and confessions. However, the beautiful card made with your own hands will be relevant at any time and for any reason. I want to share with you the idea of greeting cards in the technique of scrapbooking, and tell how you can use a sewing machine with normal paper.

Materials and tools for making Valentine cards with your hands:

·    double-sided, thick paper for foundation

·    beautiful paper for decoration

·    tapes, ribbons, beads, buttons, etc. for decoration

·    artificial flowers made from paper

·    Glue, scissors, a ruler

·    sewing machine (optional)

Creating cards in the hands of scrapbooking

Scrapbooking implies broad freedom of creativity and the use of the most varied and unexpected materials, both specialist and just found in the House. You can change the color scheme and decor cards depending on the materials you have on hand, using only common themes and composition of this postcard.

To begin select the paper and decorations suitable for colour and style to each other. Is the usual color and wrapping paper and specialty paper for scrapbooking with any picture. From the paper cut out the cards with dimensions 9,9×6,7 in (25×17 cm) , and bent it in the middle. In addition we cut out from the paper of a different color 2 additional parts with dimensions 4,5×6,3 in (11,5×16 cm) for the cover and inside.

Cover of the cards can be pasted to the basis, however, you can use sewing machine. Why do it? Thus, we not only bond between 2 sheets of paper, but also get a decorative stitch along the edge of the postcard, which makes the song more lively and original.

TIP: you can sew only enough dense sheets of paper, as the thin material, it can tear the thread.

When the stem is ready, proceed to the décor. The idea of postcards to, combining different materials (paper, lace and ribbons), make the cover of the decorative border. I folded in half wide wool lace, putting the top part of the paper and ribbon with the inscription. You can make a ruff of any fabric, adding to it, for example, several layers of colored paper with scalloped edge circumcised – it would be interesting!

The composition can be secured with a pin or attach to the base of cards using the sewing machine, and as an additional decoration lay another zigzag stitch on top of the paper.

Do not forget that the card is not only the front part. To hide the traces of the upper inner and make the field for congratulations more interesting paste inside the remaining paper piece. I propose to formalize its inscription deposited using alphabetical or any other stamps that are easy to find in any handmade shop.

Of course, you can sign a card from the hand, but do it only makes sense if you really believe in your ability to calligraphy.

If the design of the inside of the cards you like, go back to the cover to complement its three-dimensional elements. I used the large pearl beads, ready flowers out of paper and metal zipper in the form of a heart by gluing it all with the help of glue gun.

If you do not have flowers ready, from fairly easy to do yourself, just cutting the petals of the desired shape out of paper. Of course, the use of paper flowers is not necessary, because you can make a pretty rosettes of ribbons or, for example, felt.

One of the important principles of Scrapbooking is layering, which is why you can add any number of additional elements, if you think it necessary. However, the sense of proportion is equally important.

Great idea for a Valentine’s day gift to your beloved is a scrapbooking album in a romantic setting.