Plasticine Dragon athlete

Our Dragon has 3 heads, so we rolled up three green ball. You can use any other color. For example, take the yellow, red and green. You will get the kind of traffic lights. Now, every head slowly pull up.

Get three huge ‘tadpole’. Fold the ‘tadpoles’ like this.

TIP: Attention! These are not two parts, but the transformation of rolled up into a ball halves. Slowly pull the ball, making the ‘tail’ long.

For making body we should roll up another ball. Turn it into a large ‘drop’.

Now roll up four small green ball to the feet. Or paws. What have Dragon? Roll the balls-foot-feet thick in sausages. Thicker than they are, the more stable will be our Dragon. Flattening sausage front and side, we get a fairly stable legs. Or paws.

Firmly attach them to the body. And let’s not forget the head.

Now we’ll do crest for our dragon.

Roll up a few small balls. For our fabulous creatures nine is enough. Flatten them and gently attach to the back.

I don’t know about flying skills of dragon. But we will make the wings. Just in case. To do this, roll up two small ball.

Flattening, while trampling on both ends, turning balls here in these ‘leaves’. And put them on his back.

Let us give now meaningful glance to Dragon. Roll up six small balls. This will be the base for the eyes. For three pairs of fabulous eye. Slightly put them on each of the goals. Match head pierce nostrils. Stack thinned mouth.

Now do the dragon’s eyes. Multi-colored! Roll up six white balls and three pairs of blue, green and brown.

And still do tongue. More precisely, tongues. Roll up three red balls. And flatten them.

TIP To the nose slightly raised, the match should be directed not ‘forward’ and ‘bottom up’.

ke an incision on the feet. Something he had in mind. Look, look at each other as the head.