Art of temari

So the art of temari – colorful embroidery patterns on filament bulbs. Patterns on Temari – floral, abstract with intersecting at different angles triangles, squares, diamonds, ellipses, and other intricate shapes. Arranged in a particular order, they collectively form a bizarre ornaments. The art of temari is a very fun and relaxing needlework, they can do a trip, or while watching your favorite TV series) I suggest you look at a master class on one of the below presented copies.

We need the:

Yarn, color it does not matter – it will not be visible

  • thread for applying patterns, pins and scissors.
  • You can in order to save the yarn as a basis temari use foam ball or crumpled newspaper.
  • So tightly wound ball of yarn all
  • Next, tightly wrap the ball of the main thread
  • Tangle must be tight and dense
  • Decide on the pattern and symmetrically to slide into a ball bulavochki
  • Next thread already starting to like draw lines through the target point.
  • Each pin we do not forget to fix the thread.
  • Already beginning to look through the form of the figure.
  • Subsequently, when the number of threads, it ‘tack’ by themselves will also form a pattern.