How to DIY handmade rug of pompoms

Soft, fluffy and beautiful rug in the house will never be over. This rug of pompons can be easily used as wall panels.

We need:

Plastic mesh for the base;

Synthetic yarn of different colors and shades;

The scissors.

First you need to determine the size of the rug and cut a suitable basis.

Start making pompoms. Take 10-15 turns of yarn around four fingers. Carefully remove the spool and tie in the middle, leaving a tail.

Use scissors to cut edge and straighten the pompon.

After the required number of pompoms is ready, begin the main part of work.

Tie the popmoms for the left tails to the grid.

Handmade rug is ready. It can be placed on the floor, on a padded stool or on the wall.