DIY handmade magnets

Today we’ll make magnets with any pictures

It will be necessary for us:

  • Old magazines with which it is not a pity to cut
  • Scissors
  • Transparent decorativestones (it is possible to buy in shop Fix price, and in general sell them in pet-shops for an ornament of aquariums)
  • Transparent glue for glass (good Е-6000, but it it is possible also another).
  • PVA Glue
  • A leaf of a white paper
  • A flexible magnet (it is possible to use advertising, having torn off from it a paper with the name of firm advertising)


Course of works:

  1. We cut out from magazines any nice nonsense which will be pictures for our magnets. “Droplet” and other similar glue sometimes turns to yellow, therefore is better to choose the image not on white, and on a color background. Then yellowness is not visible almost.
  2. We drip on the chosen site of the image transparent glue. Glue especially is not regretted, Stone should slide over the surface smeared by glue as though.
  3. We paste stone. If appear bubbles, they can be expelled hardly having pressed and moved stone.
  4. Preparations turn out.
  5. We cut out.

Further there are 2 versions.

A. If cutting from a thin paper the pasted dark magnet can ugly appear through. So, that the magnet did not appear through, we shall create one more layer from a paper. For this purpose we shall smear a turn stone with PVA glue. We paste to a leaf of a white paper. And here, when it has dried up, is cut beautifully out. We drip on a turn a droplet of transparent glue.

B. If your cutting from a dense paper it is possible to cut out accurately stone with a picture and to drip on a turn a droplet of transparent glue.

7. We paste on a flexible magnet (do not mix a side))

8. We wait for drying, and, finally, we cut out.

We use and is admired!



1. If you would like to make magnets with a picture printed on the printer before dripping transparent glue for its glass it will be necessary to ground properly. Otherwise from interoperability with transparent glue the picture will ugly blur.

2. Sometimes there is a temptation to not stick together completely stone with a magnet, and easier to cut out from a magnet squares and to paste to a turn stone. It is better to not do it, since then the magnet turns out very weak, This magnet does not hold sheets and constantly falls off a refrigerator.