How to make knitted bracelet with your own hands

Yarnbobming is a technique, which is decorating things yarn. Let’s make a stylish and beautiful bracelet in this style.

You will need:

  • cardboard;
  • felt;
  • yarn;
  • spokes;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • the stapler;
  • scissors.

The first step is to determine the width and length of the bracelet. If this is done, take the cardboard and draw on it the future pattern decoration. To its length do not forget to add a few inches, or after bonding it to you simply will be small. Cut our foundation, and then we close it in a circle and fasten with stapler. We need at least 4 brackets.

Now attach the volume. I used felt, I have just got an piece. Well, light felt is not shed. Band width – the width of the two plastic base. Allowance on the diffraction of the edges is not necessary – we need to pull the fabric with the maximum intensity. The length of the fabric strips should be counted on the inner surface. It is better to tighten when sewing together and not fight the bumps inside the bracelet.

Simple thread connecting the edge butt joint.

Now knit the outer part. The spokes must be taken as thin as possible (preferably no. 1 or no. 2) to knitting was dense. Bandwidth in case of doubt, it is better to do less than more – too much inside the bracelet would interfere with, and you can always stretch.

Wee need a small pattern that was repeated along the bracelet it multiple times.

I prefer to use viscose, acrylic or cotton. Because natural wool stretches. Sew the Strip into a ring, put on the bracelet and sew the inside edge of the loop. The inside of the bracelet is a neat stitch/

Now your handmade bracelet is ready! Good for you!