How to make beautiful and fine jewelry with their own hands

In this post we collected several ideas of making jewelry: all these bracelets, baubles, pendants and rings can be done with your own hands.

1. Handmade Friendship bracelet

Bracelet-braid from different bands and chains. One of the easiest options. In bracelet woven multi-colored threads, ribbons, chains, also can be woven several beads, decorative flowers..

here’s one more DIY idea: around the thick lace tie knots of colored ribbons

2. Pearl bracelets

And here’s a simple bracelet of pearls and ribbons. The tape is going to thread a needle in an accordion and after each regular folds of large beads strung.

3. Beaded Bracelets

But bracelets, braids of small colored beads strung on a thread –


Several strands with beads can braid or twist in the braid. To these bracelets better sew neat locks, which are sold in departments with goods for hobbies. Bracelet will look like from the accessories store.

If you have a large long beads, then it is possible to make such a simple, lovely bracelet. Color beads can be alternated and bracelet will be bright and striped.

4. The ring of silver wire

For the manufacture of such rings you will need only wire and pliers. Below is shown how to make a ring-heart.

Here’s another option:

Such a silver or gold plated wire for jewelry making can be ordered on the Internet, its price depends on the diameter. One meter would be enough, for example, to make 10 rings, so you can make an order in clubbing with friends. If you don’t want to make hearts, you can also make the various knots and bows, treble clef… if you add beads or pearls that too will be beautiful.

5. Marine decorations

But the idea of ​​a ‘post-holiday’ jewelry made of shells, waves peeled pieces of glass and coral. You can make elegant pendants and bracelets from these materials.

Pebbles and seashells can weave with thin wire and hang on a chain as a pendant or attached to the finished bracelet. If there is a good drill the house and jack of all trades, which helps you to make a few holes, then hang up the found treasure on the chain will be even easier!



6. Bracelets with nuts and washers

For ‘beads’ to these unusual bracelets you should go not to the sewing store, but to store with the tools! On the tape we wear metal washers or nuts – it will be very interesting:

7. Jewelry Holders.

Here’s the selection of interesting DIY ideas for jewelry holders. For example, out of the ordinary branches can be collected the whole tree, which is very convenient to hang earrings and chains. In clothes hanger can be screwed a few hooks for jewelry, and in a beautiful frame of the mirror can sew some lace ribbons.

Try to put these ideas into the weekend with friends and write in the comments – get or not. At the very least, we guarantee you having fun!