unique personalized gifts for newborn: how to DIY wooden rattle with their hands

Development toys from natural wood today are very valuable. Today we will make unique personalized gift for newborn. This wooden rattle makes interesting sounds, and all parts can be sort out by hand.


For making rattles with their hands prepare:

  • wooden dowels;
  • elastic cord, 1 m (3 ft);
  • sandpaper;
  • paint or stain suitable for child products;
  • wood glue;
  • wooden beads;
  • bells;
  • a hacksaw;
  • stationery gum;
  • self-adhesive paper;
  • marker;
  • brush.

Step 1. Cut the dowel into pieces with a length of 12 cm (5 in)

Step 2. At the ends of each piece with a marker, draw a straight line with a length of 1 cm (1/2 in). Make sure that the lines from the two sides were on the same plane.

Step 3. The drawn line on the dowel with a hacksaw or small saw cut.

Step 4. Well sand the prepared pieces in the cut. The edges will round off.

Step 5. Paint the dowels with any paint or stain safe for children. Paint blanks in different colors.

Step 6. All dowels assemble into a single structure. It represents the assembled workpieces in pairs, arranged in three planes: X,Y, and Z. Bond dowels between a stationery rubber bands. Rubber bands get exactly what will need to align the wooden part of the toy.

Step 7. At the ends of each dowel to attach the paper with adhesive backing, putting in rooms according to the diagram below. This is necessary in order not to confuse the order of connection anchors between each other when assembling toys with yarn.

Step 8. Slide the thread, connecting dowels. On every third turn of string on her bells and wooden beads.

Step 9. Tighten the string, making sure that the dowels are not shifted, and stick it.

Cut all the rubber bands and remove the pieces of paper with numbers. Your rattle is ready!