21 things that can be done with CDs

Do not rush to throw away old CDs. It is excellent material for those who loves all kinds of crafts. So what can be done from CD?

1. You can decorate clutch using pieces of CD

2. You can make beautiful the screen or curtain.

3.CD can become a stand

4. You can also update the napkin holder

5. Wall Clocks

6. Mosaic of the disks on the mirror

7. Bracelet

8. Unusual way to decorate table

9. Brilliant cap

10. New life to old sneakers

11. Necklace

12. jewelry box

13.picture frame

14. Brilliant collar

15. candlestick

16. Pictures

17. Christmas tree

18. Fantastic landscape

19. Building decoration

20. Sculptures

21. Decor for Guitar