Crafts made from corks from wine. Miniature men

A team of authors from Orlando told us another crafts idea. Wine corks and wire can turn into a wide variety of men. These articles made of wine corks quite simple, but they seem to be very interesting.

Author inserts the common wire to corks in those places where the joints have to be, thanks to this cork man can be put in any position.

Of the wire around the cork man figures you can weave more details.

The cork is very easy to cut with office knife and it is easy to simulate the desired form, cut off the extra elements detailing and refining images of humans. So the author turned out gorgeous forest troll, with claws and sharp ears.

That the images were cheerful you can use bright wire for diy men.

Table decoration

And yet this is a very interesting idea for decorating a holiday table with their hands that will be met with enthusiasm.


So if you want to surprise your guests an original laying the table for a holiday or a party – make cork men of the usual corks on wine bottles, guests will love it.

By the way, look what else interesting crafts you can make of cork.