How to transfer a picture from a magazine on paper

The unusual technique transfer image from page glossy magazine on a sheet of paper or cardboard. If you wish for this methodology you can make homemade greeting cards,

You will need:

  • A sheet of glossy magazine;
  • gas lighter (in a pinch, nail polish remover),
  • thin stick;
  • adhesive tape.

Make a frame for the picture of adhesive tape

Fold the edges, so that the liquid does not flow down.

Clip image on the surface of the sheet where you want to transfer an image to the face sheet.

Pour gasoline or acetone on the picture and wait a minute or two until it is absorbed.

Then stick diagonal movement ‘sketched’ picture.

This should be done with the push to paint well imprinted.

Gently lift the image, check if all works. If all looks good, remove the clip from the worksheet.

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