What can be made of stone? 10 ideas for home decoration

Today we have gathered ten ideas for home and garden with material, that literally lying under feet. Stones that we so loved to collect a child can become not only a decoration of everyday household items, but even finishing material in the decoration of the kitchen or bathroom.

Remember as a child we love to collect sea or river colored stones and take them home? They lay for a long time, until mother threw them. In the best case, the stones went to the aquarium…

We offer to remember your childhood and again bring package stones from the holiday, but this time we find good use to them.

So, what can be made of rounded pebbles sea or river?

First, they go perfectly with almost any plant species. The stones can be laid on top of the soil in a flower pot, especially important in dry, hot areas, such decoration not only please the eye, but also save the soil from excessive drying by evaporation from the soil surface.

Perfectly suited for such stones ornaments of flower beds in the garden. Combined with other natural materials, small twigs or dry grass, it can be absolutely fantastic landscaping.

You can decorate flower pots or planters. This will require a good adhesive, stones, pots, and degreaser to more reliable fixation.

Very interesting solution that could serve as a great gift for the home, made with their own hands – stands for hot. That such holders do not damage surfaces, stones should stick to the basis that could be made of cheap napkins from the nearest supermarket.

You can make several different stand or, on the contrary, all the same – it all depends on your imagination. Use different stones or monochrome – the result will be completely different. If you can find a lot of stones of the same color, you can make a perfect white stand.

Or, conversely, black. If you can’t find black stones, any other can be painted with acrylic paint..

Also you can make a rug for the threshold or bathroom. In this case, you need a base – it is possible to use a conventional rubber mat, glue and your imagination. By the way, this mat will be a naturally massager – stimulant of active zones on the feet that have a positive impact on health.

The same way can be made a shoe rack. It does not just enliven the interior, but also help arrange a place for storing shoes. This does not necessarily need to stand glued to the base, you can just pour a thin layer of pebbles in a shallow tray.

Boring lamp can be turned into a work of art with the help of large rounded stones, they will have to be drilled and strung on to the leg lamp, after it was dismantled. Preferably use larger stones at the bottom, it will give stability to the structure.

Very stylish interior mirror in wooden frame can be made if decorate it with stones of different sizes, you can also use seashells and very fine rock dust to fill the space between the larger stones.

Here are a couple of ideas for the kitchen. An interesting alternative to the shield of tile or plastic plates is handmade surface of river and sea material. 

Use flat stones instead of the standard handles for furniture in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Simple photo frame of stones and wire will be reminded of a wonderful vacation.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and you come up with a fun way to decorate your home in the coming days.