Instruction from Mom: how to make a simple toy house from a cardboard box

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Let nothing stops your imagination when creating a handmade dolls house. This is a very simple crafts making that takes about an hour.

We need: a cardboard box (if the box without lid, then + a small piece of cardboard for additional details), ruler, pencil, office knife, tape, glue and cookie (or pencils, paints, etc.) and good mood))


  1. If the box with any images (as we have from the A4 paper packs), it should be turn inside out.
  2. Make the main floors. The cutter to make parallel cuts and marks as would dent the parts inside.
  3. From the lid (or a spare cardboard) we cut out side walls floors and glue them on the adhesive tape or PVA glue.
  4. Cut through windows, doors, openings garbage cans, etc.
  5. From a spare cardboard make a porch, Interior or exterior stairs.

If you wish, you can spray paint the boxes inside. Purely aesthetic point, while with older children to do interior design).

Planning a new home

And then in the hands of all your child’s fantasy and imagination! Marker paint shutters, boarded up windows, gutters, some signs and everything that comes to mind.

The more detail, the more fun House will look like. You can add color, stickers, connect several boxes of bridges, transitions, and create a cardboard city.

But even in one box, you can make the whole world for your child or with him. And yet, if you put inside a flashlight and turn off the lights — there is another wonderful story.