How to make homemade wrap hair of ribbons with their own hands

Beautiful and bright homemade hoop for hair – it is a beautiful and spectacular, but at the same time very easy to manufacture accessory. Everything you need for success – it is a little time and patience.

We need thin strips, adhesive and, in fact, the basis for the hoop. Consumption of ribbons is individual – it all depends on the thickness and size of the hoop, so it is recommended to weave pattern and make a preliminary calculation. We will use macramé technique.

Fold the ribbon in half, making a loop.

Hold the overlap and make the second loop at a short distance from the first one. Pass them into each other and tighten the knot.

Further, in a loop to pass a new one.

Repeat this principle of weaving

Weave the required length.

The edges of the tape is best singe, if you have worked with a synthetic material, and fill in the braid.

Colorful homemade wrap hair of ribbons ready!