Christmas presents for women

This bouquet is the perfect festive table decoration. Guests will appreciate it exactly! Oh and as a gift he, of course, also very good. And if you for some reason don’t want to put a Christmas tree, he could well replace it.

What do we need?

  • a few balls of different sizes
  • wire
  • spruce twigs
  • beautiful ribbons
  • a vase or a simple Bank

How to make?

  1. The hole where the usually inserted thread, thread the wire and then twist it tightly to the branch. Advanced wind received branch tape, which better fasten with glue.
  2. Make as many flowers as necessary: it all depends on the size of your vase and the number of spruce branches.
  3. Now just make a bunch of twigs and balls. Catch base beautiful ribbon and place it in a vase. Finish!