Cute Easter crafts for children: homemade chickens out of pompoms

Cute fluffy chick – a symbol of new life and rebirth. Homemade chicken out of pompoms is a nice Easter gift for children.
Little babe bird will be the main decoration of the Easter table, excellent keychain and a wonderful reminder of the pleasant moments of the holiday. And if you make a whole bunch of chickens on the school exhibition, they will definitely outshine other crafts for Easter.

Today we’ll find out how to make two chickens: newborn (and therefore very surprised), and older, on a short thin legs.

To make the newborn Easter chicken we need:

  • yellow yarn (acrylic, cotton, wool),
  • round artificial eyes (or two black beads),
  • red cardboard (for the scallops, legs and beak),
  • two cut out cardboard circle.

Let’s start to make chicken!
1. Take two circles with cut out centers. Outer diameter is the size of your future nest egg, and the inner diameter determines the density of the pompom. The more cut part – the more threads can be wound, and therefore, the pompom will be more dense.
So it’s time to decide: will you have a tiny chicken or pretty impressive broiler =)

2. Put the two circles together and wrap them with thread.

But if you have a large pompom, rewind long thread, put it in 8 times, and then get to work. So it will be much faster.

3. Cut the thread, as shown below. Scissors should go between the two cardboard circles.

Cut the thread to the end, take the new string of length about 20 cm (8 in), put it between two cardboards and tie it tight to the pompom kept shape well.

5. Now use the scissors to cut the pompoms and remove the cardboard circles – they’re no longer needed.

6. Done? Good for you! It’s time to visit a beauty salon and make chic hairstyle to your chicken.
Align the pompom, straighten the threads, cut in the right places, and you can go further.

7. Cut out comb and tarsi from red cardboard.

Glue them to the chicken. Here it is:

8. Now glue the eyes and beak, consisting of two red details-droplets. Beauty!

Now it’s time for the second chicken, which is walking.
We need to prepare:

  • adhesive,
  • wire
  • red thread,
  • two black beads,
  • the red bead cone.

1. Make 2 pompoms: one small and the other larger. Don’t cut off the thread that will tie the pompom – it will be useful when linking parts of the body of the chicken.

2. Now cut the thread. Use thin wore to make chicken legs: three finger will be in front and one in back.

3. Slightly spread the legs with glue, wrap them with red thread.

4. Put the red bead cone. This is chicken’s beak. For eyes use two black beads.

Here are two handsome. Put them in the Easter basket – now you’re ready to please your friends and children on Easter with cute homemade chicken from pompoms!