Easter basket origami: unusual Easter basket ideas

Beautifully painted eggs for Easter ‘require’ beautiful decoration. Today we will learn how to make nice baskets of colored paper. At this time, we are implementing an unusual idea – we make Easter basket origami.

For each basket we need one sheet of paper – a square or pentagonal. Accordingly, we get Easter baskets with 3 or 5 angles. Color can be any – you can pick up with a delicate floral pattern, or vice versa, with colorful ornaments. Good, if the color of the boxes will be combined with colored eggs.

Now we have to make the folds through all the angles and all the centers of each side. Square put colored side up and make diagonal (angle) folds. Then turn it upside down and do cross – through the centers of the sides. In the case of a pentagon is not important – every fold passes through the corner and through the center of the opposite side to the corner.

Overturn our blank face down and reduce the cross-folds to each other. It should look something like the pyramids-Stars.

Puts the pyramid on its side and fold one of the free corners upward to the top.

This same angle turn down in the opposite direction. All square folds obtained joint to joint, and corner of the pentagon did not reach the bottom – the same should be.

Now you need to disclose that folded corner. Make a pocket, press it to the blank and smooth.


So should you do with all the remaining corners of the pyramid. After that, it becomes more like a house.

In each pocket unfold central corner upward (again in case with a pentagon corner will not reach to the opposite, as in the case of a square).

So do all the corners and fold the rest in the other direction — get crystal shape.


The tip of the crystal is easily bent in half – so it will be easier to ‘open’ the bottom of our Easter basket.

Overturn the workpiece and gently straighten breed corners and leveling the bottom of a basket. Do not worry if it will be not smooth – it will not be visible.

Left to straighten and tighten the corners.

Voila! Basket of Easter eggs or candy ready! And our unusual DIY idea for making of Easter basket successfully implemented.