Simple Easter basket ideas for kids. Basket of thick paper

This simple Easter basket can be made of construction paper scraps. Kids will like to help you.

We need:

  • Colored paper (thick);
  • Stapler;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler and pencil;
  • Clay.

Getting Started:

1) Make five strips of paper. Put them side by side vertically, and at the top with glue and a stapler attach a horizontal strip-ring of a different color. We need 2 such strips.

2) Fold this strip in a circle and secure it with a stapler on the opposite side.

3) The vertical stripes bend and secure the opposite side stapler.

4) We’re almost done with the Easter basket:

5) On the one hand glue the handle from the same paper as the bezel and line the rim with the outer and inner sides of the basket, so that was not visible staples.

6) In your basket you can carry the eggs and sweets, and it will be good Easter gift for friends and relatives.