Awesome fathers day gifts: Military diorama

For the basis of our awesome fathers day gift we took a set of figurines of soldiers, and the rest is DIY. In the work used all that came to hand. It is the substrate for the laminate, picture frame, foil from a tube of mustard, a failed gypsum fill, and something else.

Under the cut are some photos of the intermediate stages and the result itself.

PS Criticism, advice, questions are welcome.

Actually the very basis for future dioramas. The wall material is the laminate substrate.

There already are lined walls, the plaster is applied and scattered debris.

To “land” was not as flat, crumbled plaster. And secure it with the white glue (liquid PVA).

For the base color used Tamiya paints. It also plays the role of a primer.

The walls are already painted in their colors, but without the effects. Self-made barrel appears in the frame)))

Slightly aged wall, dented and painted barrel, added dust.

Then the final photos of our awesome fathers day gift from different angles.