Beach bag: homemade mothers day gifts

Homemade gifts for mother’s day are the most valuable and eloquent sign of your good relationship. You can easily make a handy beach bag – this is a very simple gift that is sure to appeal to your mother

You will need:

  • white nylon or cotton material
  • acrylic paint of any color
  • potatoes
  • the knife
  • the thread

1. Prepare the fabric and fold it.

2. Take one potato and cut it into two halves. Then on one of the sides cut out a triangle as shown below.

3. Dip the potato in a pre-prepared paint (you can pour paint into a saucer and dip potato in it).

4. Start to spread the triangles with the bottom of the fabric. Can apply as many layers of triangles as you wish.

5. Leave the paint to dry.

6. Use thread to stitch the edges of the bag and fold the upper part inside of the bag by about 2 in (5 cm).

7. For handles you can use plain cloth or cheap cropped leather straps. Just stitch them to the bag as shown in the picture.

* When the bag is filled, leather handles flat.

Now homemade mother’s day gift is ready – this beach bag is a nice way to suprise your mom.