How to wish happy mother day: make Recipe book with the original cover.

A beautiful recipe book with an unusual cover is a wonderful way to wish your mom happy mother’s day. In addition, this is a great birthday gift for grandma. You can easily make this nice craft!

You will need:

  • the folder where will be stored all recipes
  • cloth (to wrap the cover) is about 2 times larger in area than the book
  • silk embroidery thread
  • spoon

1. Let’s begin, perhaps, with the most interesting – straightening spoons. Wrap the spoon in an old towel and, using a hammer, straighten. It shouldn’t take much time.

2. Cut the fabric into a rectangle that will wrap folder. All sides of the fabric should be more than folders approximately on 1 in (2.5 cm).

3. Use marking pen to mark the corners of the folder – this will help to center your design and make a zig-zag embroidery.

4. You need to decide what design you want, and translate the pattern on the material with a marker. It is easy to make, if you will draw a pattern (write the desired word) on paper and attach the sheet to the window, and then attach the fabric on top.

5. Place the fabric in the Hoop and use decorative stitch to mark the letter. Here are some images that will help you to do this:

In this example, were first used yellow thread, and the edges are red, which plays the role of a shadow.

6. You can use a sewing machine to make zig-zag pattern. Using the marks made by the marker on the reverse side of the fabric (in places where it is bent in a folder), draw a line from top to bottom. Repeat the same with the other side.

Start to scribble pattern on the marked lines. In our case, we used 3 colors. After that erase the markings.

7. Sew straightened spoon (wide part up). Can use superglue to secure the spoon in it’s place.

8. Put the folder on the fabric – try to place the folder in the middle of the fabric. Make sure that the root folder has the same pattern that you have stitched.

9. Fold the bottom piece of fabric to the back and attach it with glue. Do the same with the top part.

10. For the corners you need to cut the fabric in the form of the letter V. you can Now bend the left and right sides of the fabric and glue them to the folder. Glue each corner separately.

11. Cut rectangle from thick cardboard – it will cover the inner wall of the folder. The rectangle should be slightly smaller than the walls. Also, it should not go beyond the root folder, otherwise it will not properly close.


Using the existing rectangle of thick cardboard, cut out the second (the same) and stick it to the other inner wall.

12. If you wish, you can wrap each rectangle with fabric and then glue it to the folder.

13. It remains only to add pages with recipes.

Good for you! Now you can wish your mom happy mother day!