How to DIY your own toy Hamster of the sock

Not necessarily throw away old socks – you can give them a new life. For example, you can make funny soft toy. Today we will find out how to make a Hamster from a sock with their hands. Making of toy will not take a lot of time. On average, the whole process takes about 15 minutes.

We need:

  • old sock;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • piece of cloth for the eyes and muzzle;
  • rice, beans or any other cereals as filler.

Step 1: Cut the elastic and lower leg portion from the rest of the sock. Cut off the top part of a straight line.

Step 2. Fill the bottom part of the sock barley. Need to fill in until the bottom of the sock will not be the size of a tennis ball. After this thread, tie a sock and turn it out, putting the remaining part on an already filled base.

Step 3. Take the upper part of the sock and turn it inside out. Mark, where there will be hamster ears and cut out the desired shape of the upper part of the head.

Step 4. Sew the top of the hamster head simple stitch, stepping back a little from the edge of the cut.

Step 5. Remove the blank for the hamster’s head and sew items of muzzle. From the dark pieces of fabric cut eyes, and white – the area around the mouth. Sew the pieces at the muzzle thread to match. Use black thread to make nose.

Step 6. The resulting hamster muzzle pull on filled earlier part of the toy. Sew the muzzle along the bottom edge to the main part.

That’s how easy and fast you can make a handmade toy Hamster.


  • joanna Sun

    This toy socks making DIY tutorial is so helpful. Love it.