How to DIY Simple mother’s day gift: Bracelet made of safety pins

Bracelets from pins and beads – beautiful and very simple decoration that can be done in several different ways, all depends on your imagination and available materials. This handmade bracelet is a perfect gift for mother’s day.

What we need:

  • Pins
  • Beads
  • Elastic stretchable lace

Let’s get to work:

1) Make a lot of billets from beads and pins. Colors mix and match as you like : you can make plain rows, can colored. Well also look near the beads of different size and texture.

2) Prepare 2 long piece of stretchy lace and string pins on them.

3) Fasten together the ends of shoelaces when the bracelet reaches the desired length. In the process, apply the bracelet to your wrist to check its length. Do not make it too tight and too, that he did not clamp the bloodstream, and too weak to it from dangling.

Your wonderful mother’s day gift is ready! Well done!