Artificial christmas tree from beads

Artificial Christmas tree is a joyful and festive attribute, which allows us to enjoy a wonderful winter holiday and remember to save the environment. Today we will make with their hands beautiful and festive Christmas tree bead.

You will need:

  • beads
  • wire
  • pliers

* To make white Christmas tree, use a wire of silver color and green is suitable for copper wire.

* This little Christmas tree is woven in the technique of “loop with a twist”. It’s pretty simple, but this technique requires a lot of free time.

Each eyelet contains 6 green and 2 Golden bead. In order to do type the seed beads in the following sequence: 3 green, 2 gold and 3 green. After that twist the wire and repeat, until you have the desired number of blanks.

* From the head to the base of the branch become higher and the number of loops.

* When you have created the desired number of twigs, begin to fasten them to the stem in a circle.