Braided rug: gift for mother days.

This cute braided rug is a very good gift that will allow you to express your warmth and appreciation. This gift for mother’s day is sure to be pliant with gratitude.

You will need:

  • thick canvas for mat basis
  • lots of colorful scraps of fabric for weaving mat
  • black thread
  • scissors
  • glue for fabric
  • adhesive tape
  • spray – protective and water-repellent coating (in this example was used Polycrylic Aerosol) – as an alternative, you can use the spray for shoes.

1. In advance, decide the size of the Mat. Then cut the base.

2. Cut prepared tissue into strips.

3. Start to weave braids from the tissues. You will need a lot of time, so that we can relax and, for example, turn on a movie.

4. Secure the ends with adhesive tape.

5. When your braids are ready, you can glue them on the canvas. We have to use a lot of glue.

6. Using black thread and a needle, sew the braid on the edge – need to capture every stitches.

7. Remove the tape and trim fringe on each side.

8. Left to use water-repellent spray to impregnate the mat. It is best to apply the spray in the open air.

With such gift you can make mother days unforgettable.