The Owl brooch from polymer clay: nice gift for mother’s day this year

If you forgot when is mothers day this year, you should know that this holyday is celebrated every second Sunday of may. This means that in 2015 mother’s day will be celebrated may 10, 2016 – may 8, 2017 -14 may and so on

I suggest to try to make white owl brooch from polymer clay.

To create brooches-owls you will need:

  • acrylic paint: black, white and yellow
  • polymer clay 2 colors: white, flesh
  • dark-colored pastels
  • a fine brush
  • special pin brooch
  • stacks
  • knife

making of brooches from polymer clay

First sculpt 2 parts of white clay. We need to make wing and the body of your owl.

Connect the part of the wing with the body and add the flesh-colored oval polymer clay (it will be muzzle of the bird).

Now sculpt 2 small patty of white clay and press in them small black beads-eyes.

Using the round stack push the muzzle at the top and bottom as shown in photo.

In the resulting notch add a small triangle — this will be the beak of an owl. Use thick needle to scratch ornament of feathers, on the wing and muzzle.

In the same way scratch ornament on the whole circumference of the brooch.

Then add small items like drops – this is a feather. Add one leg as shown below.

With the help of a thick needle draw the feathers. Here it is possible to show imagination to the maximum and experiment with patterns.

Chop pastel chalk with a knife and apply a thin brush on the brooch, labeling the shadows and accents. Bake brooch according to the instructions indicated on the packaging of your polymer clay. After that wash brooch with soap and dry.

Attach a safety pin to the already baked brooch using a small flat piece of clay. Trim in shape, scratch ornament. Re-bake.

Use white acrylic paint to color the ornament. Yellow — owl’s eyes.

Now take black acrylic paint to color the beak and circle contour of the brooch (optional) and eyes . Also optionally, you can set some elements to your taste.

Brooch-owl is ready! When you will give this gift mother’s day this year, you can be sure that your mom will be happy.