How to DIY handmade leather wallets for men (for credit cards)

A convenient handmade leather wallets for men for credit cards of the desired color with exclusive design – It should be very expensive thing. But you can make it very cheaply and simply with your own hands. You can make this purse even without skills of work with leather materials. Just follow our step by step instructions.


To make a wallet for credit cards with their hands, prepare:

  • a piece of the skin of any animal (in this case, pony);
  • beeswax;
  • polishing cloth;
  • waxed thread;
  • needles to work with the skin;
  • needles for sewing;
  • oil for tanning leather;
  • sharp scissors;
  • a set of thick cardboard or tubes for the convenience of the firmware.

Step 1. With credit cards, jot down the pattern of the two parts of the purse. The first part is two vertically arranged card with the seam. The second part is the same rectangle in base, but with beveled corners at the top.

Step 2. Templates transfer onto the leather pieces. Then cut them out. Please note, in templates for this tutorial on the one hand there are cutouts. They need, cause it was decided to use wallet not only for credit cards, but also for so-called set of tools for survival(multitool). You can create a copy of this template or make a wallet exclusively for credit cards.

Step 3. Transfer point for seams. These locations should be the same as in the photo. The stitch length define themselves.

Step 4. Attach two pieces of the purse wrong side to each other. Bind them at the top.

Step 5. For convenience, fasten the workpiece a special set. You can get it in stores crafts or make yourself out of cardboard and stationery rubber bands.

Step 6. Cut the thread to the desired length for the top stitches. Take two needles and make a neat knots in the ends of the thread. To do this, insert it into the eyelet and pull it into 5 cm (2 in). Expand the needle.

Wallet for credit cards with your own hands

Pull back about 1.5 cm (1/2 in) from the end of the thread gently spread her fiber, but do not unravel the thread to the end.

The needle thread through the thread in the opposite direction. So you get a loop, which is tightened gently around the ear. Similar make and on the other side of the filament.

Step 7. Sew the top stitching of the purse with two needles, using the classical technique of the seam for leather products.

Step 8. Secure the top spot, passing the needle through the holes towards each other.

Step 9. Fold the wallet in half. Lock needles for sewing and clamps. Needles drop and likewise sew with waxed thread along the planned lines.

Step 10. Cut the edges of the purse handle with beeswax and grate. This will allow the edges to look more well groomed and protect them from premature wear.

Step 11. The skin for the best appearance apply special oil composition for tanning. Pre-can be engraved with a special machine or stamps.

Handmade leather wallets for men (for credit cards) is ready!